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Jonathan Priestley LGSM

I was born in Nottingham and as a teenager, I studied classical guitar with the late Robin Pearson from the Spanish Guitar Centre in Nottingham,

In the 1980s and early 90s I studied with Carlos Bonell in London. I have also studied with Nicola Hall, and Mark Ashford.

I began my teaching practice in the mid 1970s and began by teaching privately and then in schools. In the 1990s I joined ‘The Music Partnership’ and became a peripatetic teacher for Derbyshire. I enjoy working with all ages and love helping people to become budding musicians. It is great to watch people develop over the months. Many of my students are keen to work on the grades and I have a very successful record of my students passing their exams with high marks. Some of my past students have taken up the guitar professionally.

I have always liked writing and arranging music. I have written numerous short solo’s duets, trios and quartets. It is my aim to start publishing my own music. Look out for the sheet music page plus soundbites in the very near future! 

I do perform in concerts from time to time. I also like organising other guitar concerts as well.  I sometimes play solo and also with my duo partner Derek Taylor. I have also performed with James Rippingale  another Derbyshire guitarist who now lives in Glastonbury.